Improved “new papers” search

Since the beginning of the paperscape map it’s been possible to search for daily new papers of a given arXiv category. For example, the search query ?new-papers hep-ph,crosslists searches for new papers in high energy phenomenology and papers cross-listed to this category for the most recent submission day.

What’s new is that we’ve added a popup box (accessible from the “new papers” link next to the search box) that not only makes searching for new papers easier (no need to type a query), but also more powerful! You can now ask for all newly submitted papers occurring within a specific date range, which spans back to 31 previous submission days.

For example, if you’ve haven’t had the time to check the arXiv in the last two weeks, you could ask to see all new papers from the last 10 submission days:


And then zoom in on your area of interest, the neutrino landscape for example, to quickly see what papers you have missed:


We’ve also made it easier to select search results: clicking anywhere within the highlighted white halo of a search result paper will select it. To remove the halos, simply “clear” the search result.

In other news, you may have noticed that the map looks slightly different since the beginning of this year. This is because we regenerated it from scratch in order to let some papers that had become stuck (due to the close repulsive force) move  into their natural positions. It’s also worth noting that paperscape now includes the entire author list for all papers, i.e. papers with a very large number of co-authors are now searchable (identified with) each one of these authors.


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